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Trading Forex futures, options or spot currency carries a high potential risk. It can be profitable, but the leverage can also work against you, so you must be aware of all the risks involved. Before making any investments, you should carefully examine your objectives, experience, and risk appetite. The chance of losing money is substantial, so you should also consider your finances and never trade with money that you can not afford to lose. Any decisions on selling, buying or holding securities involve extreme risk, particularly the practice of “Day Trading”, which can lead to substantial losses. Please consult a licensed financial professional before undertaking any trading, to decide if investing in Forex is suitable for your financial situation.

The information and opinions found at forextradingau.com are general and reflect the thoughts of individual authors. They should not be interpreted as an offer or solicitation to sell or buy any currency, equity, options or any other service. No suggestion is being made that any trader is likely to achieve profits by using the suggestions made in the material provided. The past performance of trading methodologies is no indication of their current performance or ability to produce those results in the future. forextradingau.com will not accept any responsibility or liability for any loss or damages, including any loss of profit, resulting from the content provided here by its staff or employees.

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