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3 Hot Cryptocurrencies For 2019

January 24, 2019 Posted in Forex Trading News by No Comments

Since Blockchain evolved, we now have over 1600 cryptocurrency options to invest in. Some are reaping in the rewards and performing well, while others are showing disappointing results. 2017 and 2018 were highly volatile in the cryptocurrency world and this next year could well be a rollercoaster. Here we will cover the 3 cryptos:

  • Zcah – ZEC
  • Steem
  • Ox – ZRK

Because of huge fluctuations in Bitcoin price, traders are increasingly turning to currencies which also have a strong technical background. Over the last few years, there have been additions that are weak in creativity, with recycled technology and a lack of vision. So, are cryptocurrencies actually a good investment?

Before you back away, it’s crucial to remember that some altcoins will not only survive but will produce a good potential profit in the longer term. This means there are some highly viable investment opportunities if you make the right choices. Here are three of the most promising blockchains and cryptocurrencies that are well worth taking a closer look at in 2019:

Zcash – ZEC

OX Steem Zcash 3 best cryptocurrencies 2019
Steaming hot crypotos for 2019

As the darknet markets evolve, the attention of traders is firmly focussed on Zcash. It is a decentralised blockchain, forked from Bitcoin in 2016, with its infrastructure built on Bitcoins core code. While Zcash has its own blockchain, it also allows complete anonymity for traders and transactions with all information fully protected by encryption.

As it was developed primarily for investors who want to protect their identities, the security aspect adds an increasing value to Zcash. When making any transaction you have the flexibility to opt out or in of publishing private information to the public blockchain. Zcash has performed well since its launch and is one of the hottest and most interesting cryptocurrencies to watch out for.

Steem – STEEM

Launched in 2016, Steem is a fusion of innovative ideas, bringing together social media and cryptocurrency. This creative platform from Steemit, a blogging and social media company, is basically a social media network supported by the Steem blockchain. Anyone can create, curate and share content on the network just like any other social news platform.

Contributors earn cryptocurrency tokens as an incentive and reward for their work writing comments or blogs, which can then be used for payments on the platform. Interest is booming as aspiring writers take advantage of the creative writing enabler. It is currently used by over 1 million people and already processes more transactions than Ethereum and Bitcoin combined. Steem is completely scalable and represents the next generation in blockchain technology, so it’s well worth a close look.

Ox – ZRX Cryptocurrency

Ox is a trending cryptocurrency, causing a stir and is garnering the attention of traders as it provides a great amount of liquidity. It offers a decentralised exchange of ERC20 tokens built with an Ox cryptocurrency protocol as part of the Ethereum blockchain. As it provides an open-source protocol, it is also allowing massive growth in the number of decentralised exchanges available.

Businesses and developers are able to utilise the Ox infrastructure to purchase and trade ERC20 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain. Investors are able to make orders directly from their Ethereum wallets and users can also access orders from other traders. These innovative features and protocol make 0x an extremely exciting and interesting investment potential.

5 Strategies For Your 2019 Investment

  • Research ICOs as they are a good way for initial high investment returns.
  • Seek out less popular exchanges when the coin is released on the market. There is usually a “dump” as investors look for short-term profits, creating the opportunity to purchase coins at a lower price.
  • Stay on top of the news as some new cryptocurrencies will be gems. Be sure to research new projects and follow news and social media.
  • Always plan a diverse portfolio and never put all your eggs in one basket.
  • While you are researching new cryptocurrencies, identify a few projects you believe in.

The Bottom Line

There are still multiple opportunities for investing in cryptocurrencies despite the markets recent volatility. It’s a fascinating pursuit but before making any decisions this year be sure to do your research fully. Your focus should be not just on the currency but on the blockchain itself, along with the innovation brought by the concept and the development team. When you find one that you really believe in then don’t worry too much about the timeframe. Buy the cryptocurrency, then bide your time until it is listed on a major exchange.